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Punk, Co2 Inflator inkl. Silikon Halterung für 25g Patrone

Art. Nr. GDC25

19,90 CHF
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Granite Design

PUNK CO2 Inflator

Never mind the punctures, here’s the new Granite Punk CO2 inflator!

The Punk CO2 Inflator is a tiny but mighty stashable tool that’ll stomp out punctures quicker than you can say “God Save the Queen!”.

It works with 16g and 25g O2 canisters and weighs just 25g so it won’t weigh you down. When anarchy strikes and your tyres go flat, just grab the Punk and you’ll be kicking out the jams again on the trails in no time. 

The Punk works in harmony with the Granite RockBand, allowing you to carry it with a tyre lever, multi-tool and tube on your frame. 

Sleeve Size: Large (For 25g CO2 canister, respectively)

Weight: Large - 25g

Color: Black


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